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A Note from Mrs. Cindy (Hyles) Schaap

Several years ago, the Lord brought me through a spiritual valley. During this time, I learned many principles which have helped me to gain what my husband, Dr. Jack Schaap, calls "bone-deep" joy. I also learned that joy is a choice which we make each day, several times a day. Two years ago, my father went to Heaven. One month later, my husband became the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. The principles that I learned helped me to choose to focus on the joys of my husband's pastoring rather than to focus on the grief of my father's death or the sacrifices of my husband's new ministry. I am not saying that I did not grieve for my father. I am saying that through all of the emotions I felt, I also possessed "bone-eep" joy, and I possessed peace. I have thought often in the past two years of Proverbs 3:17, "Her ways are ways of pleasanteness, and all her paths are peace".

This verse is talking about wisdom. Through the wisdom of the Bible, we can learn principles that will help us to have peace and joy in all our ways. We can be sad, but have peace; we can be angry, but have peace; we can grieve, but have peace. Through all the stages of our trials, we can have peace.

JoJo Moffitt is a great example of a lady who has endured various trials and yet has maintained joy and peace. I have observed her life, and I know that the Lord has led her through many deep waters. I also know that she has not only possessed joy, but she has definitely spread joy through all of her trials. A lot of that joy has come through her unselfish living for others. I hope that you will enjoy her book and that you will glean principles for "bone-deep" joy from a truly qualified lady.
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